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Sourcing talent is difficult. Time is short, and competition is fierce. We know how to find gems – getting you the right candidate, and the right fit.

We’re good at what we do. We’ll find you your next hire. No problemo.

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Recruitment Solutions from Cactus

Spike your success and grow fast with unique recruitment solutions from the team at Cactus Recruit.

Ignite transformative change within your business by assembling the perfect team.

No need to worry about upfront costs, you’ll only be charged when we successfully fill your vacancies, ensuring you get the best person for the job.

At Cactus Recruit, we possess an exceptional knack for uncovering hidden talent through our extensive network and headhunting expertise. Together, let’s embark on a journey, aligning with your goals to shape a team that will redefine your future and catapult your company to unparalleled success. Unleash the untapped potential that lies within your business and transform it into a tangible reality.

Spread your cost over 12 months!

We offer a solution that takes the hassle out of your hiring plans. By choosing our retained search service, you gain our full dedication to understanding your business mission and bringing you the exceptional talent that can turn your boldest visions into reality.

But that’s not all. We also offer a unique advantage for your cash flow. With our flexible payment options, you can spread the recruitment fee over 12 months, providing you with financial ease and allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Let us be your trusted recruitment partner, supporting your growth journey with expertise, personalised attention, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results. Together, we’ll propel your business forward, one strategic hire at a time.

Seeking a recruitment process rooted in unwavering commitment? Look no further…

When you choose our exclusive recruitment service, we prioritise your needs above all else. We’ll devote our full attention, time, and expertise to deliver exceptional results tailored exclusively for you. With our undivided focus, you gain greater value and a partnership built on trust and dedication. Experience a recruitment journey like no other, where your success is our sole priority.

Let's Break It Down...


We collaborate with you, leveraging your EVP and business goals to develop effective recruitment strategies that deliver.

We’re on top of market trends, salary benchmarks, and industry insights, using these to understand your competition and improve recruitment decisions.

We support clients in promoting diversity and inclusion within their workforce and recruitment processes.

You’re competing to attract top talent. We help you stand out with our employer branding strategies.

We know we deliver, so we offer unique subscription services, so you can spread recruitment fees across 12 months.


Creating and posting job advertisements across various platforms to attract potential candidates.

Reviewing and evaluating resumes and applications to shortlist potential candidates.

Conducting interviews, skills assessments, and other evaluations to assess candidates’ suitability for specific roles.

Coordinating and scheduling interviews between clients and candidates.

We can actively sit in or conduct interviews on our clients behalf.

Facilitating salary and benefit discussions between clients and candidates to reach mutually beneficial agreements.


Actively searching for qualified candidates through databases, social media, networking, and other channels.

Providing FTC workers to meet short-term or project-based staffing needs.

Specialised recruitment services focused on senior-level and executive positions.

We are specialist head-hunters and are experts in finding you your next hire!

Manage & Retain

Offering expert guidance and consultation on talent acquisition, retention, and workforce planning.

Assisting with talent retention, development, and succession planning initiatives.

Offering training and support with not just attracting but retaining your staff.

We offer a subscription service to support you with all your HR needs. Learn more about our HR services.

Expert Recruitment And Smart Fees?

But how? We have a proven track record, and an innovative approach. We guarantee you access to the best talent around for marketing, tech and the professional services sectors. 

The market is tough, we know your pain. So we made our fee structures unique. Call for a chat, we’ll explain…


Top-tier talent and superstars in marketing leadership, marketing management, and digital marketing.

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We source your star players. We know which tech stacks and soft-skills are needed to grow in tech roles.

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Professional Services

We find high-calibre candidates for roles across your organisation, Finance, sales, HR, admin and more.

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Grow Your team!

We work hard and fast to source you top-notch talent. Come on, let’s grow together.